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CATA mHealth Interview

CATA’s David Farnes interviews Andrew Wilcox, President of EverAge Consulting. They will discuss the creation of iCare Adventure, a game based information system designed to mitigate anxiety, fear and discomfort experienced by children and their parents while that wait in the hospital emergency waiting room. iCare Adventure is currently in use at IWK Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Legalities of Source Code Ownership

Do you own the source code to your application or website? If you do not know for sure, chances are that you do not. This video explores the legalities of source code ownership, and highlight some key aspects that you may need to consider when creating a contract with your developer.

CMS Product Selection Process with Templates

The number one problem with implementing most content management systems is the desire to go shopping for products before you sit down and gather your requirements as to what you need. This video segment is defines the proper process to go through and select a product for your content management implementation.

Personas and Scenarios for Government – A Case Study

Personas and Scenarios can be an effective resource when developing a user centric taxonomy, particularly for governments.  This case study looks at the how this was accomplished for the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Web Content Management (WCM) Process Poster

When implementing a web content management system most people believe that the technical aspects of implementation are going to be the most challenging, but as it turns out it’s the more process related items that turn out being more problematic for organizations.

50 Questions you should ask before implementing a WCM solution

One of the biggest downfalls of Web content management implementations is that companies don’t know what they don’t know.  You don’t know to ask for something if you don’t know it. So, when we sit down with clients we usually – we run through a series of questions that hopefully will expose some new information to the client so they know a little bit better what is available in the market and what they should be looking for in a solution for them.

Mobile Content Management

With the exponential growth and sophistication of mobile devices, the demand has sparked the its own content management category.

Document Management

Prominently used in corporate intranets, Document Management systems facilitate the organization, retrieval and retention of assets.

Web Content Management

Since the explosion of the Internet, Web Content Management systems have been a critical tool to enforce standards and governance.

Component Content Management

Traditionally used by Technical Publications, Component Content Management systems focus on content reuse and translation management.